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Algae, Fungus, and Bacteria Removal

Your roof, as well as your property’s exterior, are exposed to the elements which can be extreme at times. Without proper care, your home can look run-down. Debris, leaves, and moss can further damage your roof because they trap moisture, speeding up the aging process of the shingles. 

If you’re starting to notice black stains on your home’s roof, those are actually Gloeocapsa magma. They’re a kind of algae that, if left to thrive, will eventually damage your roof. This type of algae can cause the shingles to break down because they feed off the limestone granules there.

Without proper roof washing, your roof won’t be able to function efficiently, causing an increase in your energy bills. Furthermore, decay and water damage to your roof is expensive to repair. But you can prevent this by getting roof washing services regularly.


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Our Process

How We Take Care of Your Roof

Our process when it comes to roof cleaning depends on the condition, as well as the roof type. We may clean it using a combination of techniques. We use pressure washers, brushes, leaf blowers, and cleaning agents to remove different kinds of dirt and debris from your roof.

Atlantis Exterior Cleaning can work on most types of roofs. This includes tile and slate roofs, cedar shake, standing-seam metal roofs, torch down, PVC membrane, and asphalt composition roofs.

Among all these types, the most common is the asphalt composition roof. The process we use to clean this kind of roof is by air-blowing any loose debris, removing moss by brush, soft-washing, applying moss treatment, cleaning the gutters as well as downspouts, and finally, cleaning whatever debris that may have fallen on the ground.

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Expert Exterior Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at discolored or dirty roofs, windows, walls, or concrete surfaces on your property? Don’t worry about having to clean them all on your own. Take back your time and call us today to know more about our services!

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We know and understand how much homeowners care for their properties. That’s why we make it a point to give our best services to each customer. 

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We encourage you to read what previous customers have to say about our services. It is our goal to give our best in every project so that each customer is happy with the results.

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As exterior cleaning experts, we use only the best tools and equipment to ensure that we get great results in every cleaning project.

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We take pride in what we do and strive to make our customers happy with the results. With our excellent services, it will be money well-spent and time well-saved!

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Proper Care and Maintenance

How Often should Roofs be Cleaned?

Having your roof cleaned will not only make your property look better, but it will also prevent damage from taking place. Whenever roof cleaning is done, it’s also a chance for us to inspect the roof for any signs of decay or damage. We may find missing shingles, holes, and other problems that you may not be aware of. That’s why it’s crucial to have regular roof cleaning done.

As for the frequency, getting roof cleaning services once or twice a year is sufficient. Any damage will be caught immediately and addressed. However, if your roof is newly installed and is in good shape, you may only have to get it cleaned every couple of years. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask us at Atlantis Exterior Cleaning so we can provide sound advice about the maintenance needed for your roof.

Providing the Best Care and Service

Expert Exterior Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at discolored or dirty roofs, windows, walls, or concrete surfaces on your property? Don’t worry about having to clean them all on your own. Take back your time and call us today to know more about our services!


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